Recycle Wedding Roses

3 Ways to Recycle Wedding Roses

Are your customers always wondering what to do with all the roses after the big day? What tips do you give when asked about preserving roses? If you’re left unsure about questions like these, here are several recycling ideas your brides could do with their rose bouquets, centerpieces and other decorations:


1) Reuse: Let guests and family members take them home. This would help extend not only the life of these roses, but also of the memories they’ve created during the event. Days or weeks before the big day, prepare a small note with written instructions on how to extend the life of these roses. Stick it near the vase, or tie it around the bouquet/rose balls.


Another way to reuse event flowers is to seek out other couples getting married right after your client’s wedding. This couple can be a friend, coworker, or even a stranger that you met at a wedding online forum. It’s totally up to the couple if they’re giving it away free, or selling them at a discounted rate.


2) Recycle: If a client is open to getting crafty in the future, recommend preserving or drying wedding roses for use on various projects. Air drying is the most common way of preserving roses. All you have to do is hang the roses upside down in a dry, dark and warm place with good ventilation for about two weeks or more.


– Potpourri – Probably the oldest technique of reusing wedding flowers, potpourri can even be the Thank You gifts for the guests.


make potpourri from dried flowers


– Bouquet Décor – If your client wishes to keep her bouquet intact, recommend using silica gel (found in craft stores). Bury the entire bouquet in a container filled with silica gel for a week or two. They can even have it presented similarly to Beauty and the Beast’s glass-covered rose.




– Flower Frame – Another decoration idea is to carefully cut the stems and preserve just the rose heads. The bride can then have them freeze-dried professionally, or manually dry each rose, before having it framed.




– Christmas Ornament – If your client wants to go on the potpourri route, you can recommend leaving some petals for this project. You’ll need a glass ornament, where you can place the dried rose petals inside one by one.




3) Donate: If your clients aren’t interested in recycling, you can recommend “recycling the love,” and sharing happiness to patients instead. Anyone can do this by donating their roses to organizations like The Full Bloom, Random Acts of Flowers, Project Flora, Repeat Roses, Rebloom It, Seattle Floranthropy, The Flower Shuttle and others like them.


These organizations work similarly. They pick up your used flowers from the venue (some with a pick-up fee) and re-arrange the flowers. Some orgs deliver the flowers to senior homes or hospitals to cheer up patients, while others sell the flowers to other customers and use the money to support various charities.


Whichever idea your client chooses to go with, you can ensure they’d feel better knowing that their hard-earned money used in buying beautiful rose bouquets and decorations can be put to good use days, weeks, or even years after the event.


The Full Bloom

Random Acts Of Flowers

Project Flora

Repeat Roses


Seattle Floranthropy

The Flower Shuttle