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8 Surefire Ways To Keep Roses Looking Fresh Throughout An Event

When planning a wedding with real roses, arranging your floral decoration is only half the battle. Since real flowers cannot receive any more nutrients from their roots, you have to exert some effort to feed and keep them happy. How do you do this exactly? Here are 8 proven ways:


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1) Assign a Flower-sitter. As a wedding planner, it is possible that you’re going to be too busy with the ceremony and reception to even notice your roses. As such, you should assign someone to “take care” of your roses, so they could stay looking fresh up to the end of the wedding and even days later.


2) Keep Flower Vase Clean and Clear. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Dirt can actually contaminate your roses and the microorganisms that come with dirt would cause your flowers to wilt at a faster rate.


3) Hydrate your Roses. Ensure the roses remain hydrated by replacing muddy water and adding more water once it evaporates. Avoid using soft water, since its sodium content isn’t good for your roses. If possible, use demineralized or distilled water instead of tap water.


4) Encourage them to bloom. If the rose buds have not opened up yet, they may need a few days to bloom. When this is the case, store them in a warm room first (somewhere with 70F temperature). Once they open up, you can place them in a cool place or inside a refrigerator.


5) Store Roses Properly. If you’re storing roses overnight, place them in a vase filled with water and keep it in a cool room away from direct sunlight, fireplaces and heaters. When the water cools, place the vase in the fridge.


6) A word on bouquets. If you received a bridal bouquet a day or two before the wedding day, place it in a vase with water. You may need to cut off the thorns before submerging the bouquet in water. Make sure all stems are hydrated. During the big day, give your assigned flower-sitter a spray bottle with water. Ask him/her to spritz the roses, one by one, before the ceremony.


7) Kill Bacteria with Solutions. You probably read dozens of tips on how to DIY a flower solution to preserve flowers. One surefire way is to prevent microorganisms from taking over. Combinations of 7up/sprite and water, apple cider vinegar and sugar, vodka and sugar, or even crushed aspirin have all been recommended to help with this, but the most effective method is with bleached water. Add ¼ teaspoon of bleach for each quart of water on the vase. It’s important to measure, since adding too much could kill your roses instantly.


8) Feed your roses. The most popular homemade flower food recipe involves a mix of lemon juice, sugar and water. If you prefer commercial-grade flower food, such as the one that your florist used, check out the brand Chrysal and choose a packet most appropriate for your roses.


After following these tips, your roses should reach the wedding looking healthy and fresh. Ask your flower-sitter to do one quick last spritzing on your bouquets, centerpieces and other rose décor.