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For Florists’ Eyes Only: 3 Ways to Cash in on Labor Day

white1And just like that – Labor Day weekend is upon us!


Labor Day marks a beautiful time of transitions in seasons and florals.  


Summer is coming to a swift end, school is back in session, and the days are slowly getting cooler. 


In the marketplace, online retailers, car dealerships, and large retail businesses are capitalizing on the holiday by offering sales and specials.


As a florist, you probably don’t consider Labor Day to be a big selling day.


But what if this year, it could be?


It’s time for florists to join the party!


Here are three simple strategies to make this Labor Day your most profitable yet.


1. Inspire Customers Hosting Family Events


For most people, Labor Day means friends and family will gather and BBQ, enjoying the cooler weather and the end of summer. Those who walk through your door may not have considered purchasing a floral arrangement to make their get-together unique. Inspire your customers to create a lasting impression with fresh florals on their table this year.  


2. Leverage Connections with Event Planners


Labor Day is notorious for events across the country. If you have connections with event planners in your area, consider reaching out to them to present Labor Day specials and arrangements that will take their events and tablescapes to the next level. Sometimes it really is who you know. 


red73. Get Friendly with Local Businesses


A great, low-cost marketing strategy is to get familiar with the local businesses around you – places like doctor’s offices or dentist’s offices – and let them know in the weeks leading up to Labor Day about any promotions or specials you are running for the holiday. Maybe there are offices in your business complex that you can hand deliver offers to. Medical offices in particular tend to have fresh floral displays leading up to holidays, and they’re more likely to purchase those from you if you make it easy for them.


Additionally, bosses and executives will sometimes purchase fresh flower arrangements for their office staff or assistants as a show of appreciation for Labor Day. If they weren’t already considering flowers, perhaps the suggestion with inspire them.


Whether you are helping a customer who wants to honor their loved ones, assisting an event planner in creating a beautiful event, or helping a business celebrate the holiday, Labor Day flowers really can be for anyone. Sometimes all it takes is a little positioning and vision for a florist to have success.


This Labor Day, you bring the vision and the florals…

..and let your customers bring the money. 🙂