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The Secret to Long Lasting Roses

The secret to long lasting roses is all in the preparation. Before you take your roses out of the packaging, it’s really important that anything that will be coming into contact with the rose is cleaned prior to handling the rose. This includes buckets, cutters, coolers, vases and benches.

When you take your fresh roses out of the package, they may have a lot of foliage on the stem. You may encounter some thorns along the way, so just be careful when you grab the rose out of the package. You can use sharp clippers, or a very sharp knife to remove excess thorns or foliage. Start by removing all of the foliage that’s going to fall below the waterline. If you do find any thorns or any prickly leaves along the way, you can actually take the back of a knife, the part that’s not sharp and just shimmy the knife along the stem and it can remove anything tiny and prickly. Just rub it back and forth. Removing all the foliage from the bottom of the stem will help keep the rose fresh. Any greens or foliage that are draping in the water are going to be a place where bacteria and fungus can attack the rose.

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Keeping a rose fresh is all about the cut. A 45-degree angle cut will increase the surface area on the stem and allow as much water as possible to travel upto the bloom. To cut the rose, hold it away from your body, get a firm grip and pull the knife across at a 45-degree angle cut. Within about 90 seconds you’ll want to put the rose in water, so it can start to drink immediately. As the rose is exposed to air, the stem is exposed to air and the pores start to seal up and close. You want to make sure that water gets in there as quickly as possible.

It’s important to add flower food to the water. Be sure to mix the flower food using the correct dosage. Flower food simulates the rose’s original environment and allows for the rose to fully develop and open. Use cold water and be sure to change it every other day. Store the rose in a cooler between 34 – 36° Fahrenheit with 80 – 90% relative humidity. Utilize these helpful tips and your roses and floral arrangements will look beautiful and last longer.