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Wedding Ideas: Using Garden Roses in Unique Ways

If you love garden roses, why not use an abundance of beautiful blooms at your next wedding? There are so many places you can incorporate them aside from the bouquet and reception centerpieces. To help get you inspired, here are some unique ways to incorporate garden roses into weddings and special events.

Dressing Rooms

Having garden roses in the bride’s dressing room is the perfect way to set the mood for the bridal party. Gorgeous roses hung on mirrors or set on tables will create a beautiful and tranquil environment. Plus, most brides plan on getting photos taken while they’re getting ready. Garden roses will look great in the background.

At The Ceremony

You can offer a variety of floral arrangements for brides-to-be to choose from for their special day. You can add garden roses to a trellis, chuppah or table centerpiece. You can also line the aisle with flower arrangements, which can later be moved to the reception area.

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Hair Styling

Consider adding garden roses to a wedding day hairstyle. Get a whimsical look with a fresh rose crown or go classic with a few simple Alabaster garden roses wrapped around a bun. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the floral headpiece so that you don’t draw attention away from the bride’s wedding dress.

On The Wedding Cake

Fresh garden roses can add a beautiful, vibrant quality to a wedding cake. The baker will know how to incorporate the garden roses in the cleanest way and also help remove the roses when the cake is being cut.

On the Backs of Chairs

You can design arrangements for the backs of the bride’s and groom’s chair at the reception. This is a great way to distinguish these special seats as they will be the center of attention throughout the reception.

As A Chandelier

Garden roses hanging from the ceiling can be an excellent way to make sure your entire reception space is filled from top to bottom. Having a chandelier of roses over the dance floor would ensure that your guests will enjoy them while they dance the night away. This will also look stunning in photographs

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In the Seats of Loved Ones Who Can’t Attend

In the event someone special to the bride and groom cannot attend the wedding, consider placing a floral arrangement on the seat where they would have sat. This is a tasteful way to honor them and will be appreciated by all those who attend.