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Garden Roses

It’s no secret that David Austin™ roses are ravishing. With an abundance of
delicate petals, these charismatic garden roses evoke the romance of yesteryear. They’re not quickly forgotten.

As if it’s even possible to elevate such a glorious garden rose, we take
painstaking care in cultivation, which allows us to offer some of the best
roses in the world.

In addition, we offer varieties of garden roses that are exclusive to our farm
and can’t be found anywhere else.


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Roses for weddings are always a big hit with wedding planners and brides-to-be, as they evoke a sense of sophistication, classiness, as well as give that old-world romantic appeal to the venue. And it’s not just any roses that wedding planners use; most prefer David Austin garden roses, as they are in a league of their own.

When it comes to gorgeous roses for a wedding, wedding planners know that there is only one place where they can find the best blooms, and that is at Garden Roses Direct. Here they have access to a variety of garden roses that are known for their classy and distinctive look, not to mention the most popular David Austin garden roses that cannot be surpassed by any rose farm.

Wedding planners turn to Garden Roses Direct for a bouquet of roses or decorative blooms because they know that they’ll always find the perfect roses for their wedding concept. Unlike flower shops that sometimes replace your choice of roses with similar ones of lesser quality without informing you, at Garden Roses Direct you can be sure that you get exactly what you ordered.

In 2015, David Austin garden roses are considered to be the hottest blooms that wedding planners and brides-to-be are using, which isn’t surprising, given the quality of the blooms that only David Austin can produce. Since Garden Roses Direct allows wedding planners to purchase garden roses at low prices with fast delivery, wedding planners have been using this service not only for roses for weddings, but for other events as well.

Roses are quite distinctive in their beauty and in the charm and elegance they exude, which is why many wedding planners choose them over other types of blooms. And when it comes to putting together that perfect bouquet of roses for the bride, wedding planners know that there is nothing that will surpass the beauty and superior quality of David Austin garden roses.