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10 Most Popular Garden Rose Colors and Their Meanings


Many wedding and event planners are faced with clients who are decided about roses as decorations, but remain uncertain as to the theme or color they prefer. As someone who will guide the client with every aspect of the decision-making process of an event, it is best to be armed with information when such a dilemma occurs.

To help you assist your clients, here are our 10 most popular rose colors, their respective meanings, and which rose variety would best turn your ideas into a reality:




White_Garden_Roses-001White roses represent innocence, purity and youthfulness. It is one of the most preferred colors of brides-to-be, which is why white roses are also called bridal roses.

In psychology, white represents a new beginning or a blank canvas where you can paint a new masterpiece. A fresh start. This is the reason why white has been a traditional color of weddings, since many couples see their wedding as the dawn of a shared future. Plus, white accent and decorations provide a mood of peacefulness.

Use our “White Cloud” rose if you want white with buttery tones, “White O’ Hara” rose for a hint of ivory, or our best-selling “Alabaster” for a creamy white rose.




Ivory roses are similar to white, but with a warmer tone and a hint of beige’s earthiness. The color white represents fidelity, and pleasantness. Ivory-colored roses are often mixed in with white bouquets and floral decorations to add texture and enhance the pureness of white roses.

When used as decoration in a venue, ivory roses can provide a calming vibe and a sense of elegance. For nature-inspired weddings, mixing ivory with warm colors like brown can lead to an earthy theme. It can also be used to lighten bright or dark colors (like orange, purple and blue).

Use our “Mythos” rose if you prefer ivory with a tinge of light pink, “Patience” if you’re looking for ivory rose with a hint of yellow, or the “Vitality” for more shades of white but with ivory hues mixed in.




The traditional “I Love You” rose color is the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day because it signifies love, romance, desire, and passion. When used as accent or decoration in an event, red roses give guests a stimulating mood and create a sense of excitement.

Deeper red shades, such as David Austin’s “Darcey” rose and our lush “Piano” garden rose, exude a more sophisticated feel and give off a subdued energy. If you prefer royal red roses, go with the beautiful David Austin’s “Tess” rose, or the “Wanted” garden rose with its heart-shaped center.




Light_Pink_Garden_Roses_TThe color pink signifies understanding and unconditional love. It can also stand for elegance, femininity and nurturing. When a client asks for pink roses, our first recommendation would be the “Mariatheresia” rose (a carnation pink-colored rose with breathtaking swirled petals) or our newest garden rose – the “Mayra’s Rose.”


Note that other shades of pink may convey different meanings. For instance:



Hot Pink

Deep pink, hot deep or magenta represents appreciation, which is why many use this color when decorating Thank-You cards. When used as decoration, hot pink roses provide a contemporary and modern look, with its red tones conveying romance and passion.

Use our cup-shaped “Baronesse” rose with swirled petals, or our “Pink Piano” rose if you prefer a modern-looking rose.



Rose Pink

The rose pink color is a bright shade of pink, ideal for clients who want a mature version of hot pink. This color shows femininity with a certain amount of boldness.

For examples of rose pink-colored roses, check out our vibrant “Yves Piaget” garden rose, or the eye-catching “Mamy Blue” tea-shaped rose.



Salmon Pink

This color is a mix of pale pink and pale orange. It conveys a sense of playfulness. When used as decoration, the softness of pastel pink contrasts quite nicely with the unexpected hue of orange.

Use our “Romantic Antike” cabbage-shaped rose with impressive layers of petals fit for both bouquets and centerpieces.




DSC_3088This pink color blends with tones of purple. It signifies being a non-conformist. Our “Precious Moments” rose has a mix of dark pink, lavender and purple, all gloriously shown on its rich, ruffled petals.




Almost white, but not quite, a blush-pink color represents a non-threatening, sensual energy. Some of our pink roses with gradient layers, such as David Austin’s “Keira” and “Charity” show off blush tips once bloomed to perfection.



Baby Pink

A light pink, used mostly for baby girls, signifies freshness. It may also convey grace and gentleness. We have several light pink varieties in our rose collection. These include “Pink O’Hara,” “Bridal Piano,” “Aphrodite,” and “Miranda,” all of which have varying textures, characteristics and shapes that could fit any event.