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20 Unique Rose Ideas for Weddings

This summer, some of the best trends out there feature roses, and many of our garden roses and David Austin roses are perfect for them. Here are a few things to suggest to your clients who are planning a wedding this summer.


Edible Roses


Did you know roses are edible? That means they are the perfect garnish to a dish or can be added to glasses of wine and champagne for a wonderful surprise.


1) Rose in food 2 1) Rose in food

Roses for Each Guest


Give each guest their own rose, along with a card that tells them why you chose that color and style for them.

2) Rose Cards2) Rose Cards 2


Roses on the Walls & Ceiling


Don’t be afraid to go crazy with roses. Your brides will love having floors and ceilings adorned with roses, whether it is held under an awning or indoors.

3) Rose Ceiling 2 3) Rose Ceiling


A Fountain of Roses


Create a fountain using our assorted David Austin pack, which contains varieties like Constance, Juliet and Patience.

4) Fountain 2 4) Fountain


Gorgeous Rose Garland


String together rose petals to create long, beautiful strings of garland and hang it everywhere.

5) Garland


Rose-Inspired Clothing


Let roses inspire the wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses and even the groom’s clothing and then add the real thing for even more unique wedding outfits.

6) Rose Dress 2 6) Rose Dress


Rose Backdrops


When its picture time, you need a backdrop that you’ll remember and one composed of roses is a great way to do exactly that.

7) Backdrop 2 7) Backdrop


Rose-Infused Topiaries


Create or infuse topiaries with roses to make stunning reception decoration.


8) Topiary 2 

Rose-Infused Chandeliers


Attach roses to your chandeliers and you’ll make them even more beautiful than they already are.

9) chandelier



Lighted, Hanging Gardens


You can also create entire hanging gardens with a dozen different varieties like our Charity, Beatrice, Edith, Tess or Keira roses.

10) hanging


Pomanders of Roses


Also known as a kissing ball, pomanders of roses in various sizes will definitely make guests take notice and improve a wedding’s wow factor.

11) kissing ball 2 11) kissing ball 3 11) kissing ball


Rose-Lined Aisles


Make sure that the aisle where the bride will walk is lined with roses. This is good luck for the happy couple.

12) Row of Roses


Rose-Lined Staircases


When a client comes down the stairs, suggest that they line the staircases with roses to stun everyone with the bride’s beauty even further.

13) Staircase


Fruit & Roses


So many different fruits can be combined with roses and our gorgeous pink, purple or red roses are the exact shade to make it work.

14) Fruit 2 14) Fruit


Vegetable Rose Combos


The same goes for veggies. Adding kale to a bouquet is a surprisingly wonderful combination.

15) Veggies


Floating Decorative Beds


If you have standing water, consider free-floating rose beds with some of our best and most vibrant varieties of roses.

16) floating 16) floating 2


Crown of Roses


Give the bride and the bridesmaids a crown of roses and it will go with any wedding or bridesmaid dress.

17) floral-crown1


Rose & Candle Lamps


Combine glass lamps, candles and roses for amazing colors and shades of flickering light.

18) Rose Candle


Mirror Adornments


Mirrors are wonderful additions to weddings and the roses around the frame make them even better.

19) Floral Mirror


Chairs of Roses


If you can convince your clients to cover each chair with roses you’ll create soft, fragrant chairs for everyone at the wedding.

20) Chair 20) Chair 2