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How To Create A Floating Rose Centerpiece

6323f82d1465001c9b3035dcd5fbe451When it comes to planning weddings, one experience that can be quite fun is creating the centerpieces for the tables. One of the newest wedding trends is to have floating flowers on the tables. These centerpieces not only look great, but they are also budget friendly.


While almost any flower can be used for these arrangements, there is just something about roses that screams romance and love. Here are directions on how to create the perfect floating rose centerpiece for your customers.


What you Need:

  • Vases
  • Decorative gems, marbles or stones
  • Roses (any color)
  • Gardening gloves (for preparing the roses)
  • Knife to cut stems and thorns
  • Mirror
  • Tea lights


Step 1: Choose the Vase and Gems

The first step will be choosing the types of vases that you want to use for your centerpieces. You can choose to make all of the centerpieces the same or to use a variety of different size vases. Vases should be long and narrow in diameter. Look for vases the width of a rose bloom. Anywhere from 3.5 to 5 inches in diameter depending on which variety of garden rose you choose to use.

Once you have chosen the vases, you will want to purchase some gems or marbles to use in the bottom. These gems come in all shapes and sizes and are available in many colors.



Step 2: Prepare the Roses

The next step will be to cut the leaves off the roses and to make sure that all of the thorns are removed. You will then cut the stem of the rose at an angle. You should cut the stem short enough so that it will sit about an inch below the top of the vase.

You will then need to insert the end of the stem into a washer. Use a piece of florist wire to hold the washer in place on the stem. Once the washer is secure, place the rose into the vase and cover up the washer using the gems.




Step 3: Fill the Vase with Water


Step 4: Place the Vase on a Mirror and Scatter Rose Petals

If you’d like you can place the vase on a mirror and then scatter rose petals around it in order to complete the look. Tea lights can be placed on top of the water to accentuate your beautiful centerpiece arrangement.