Ashley is a gorgeous pink garden rose, her bloom is quite large and brimming full of ruffled petals. She was originally bred by the German rose breeder, Rosen Tantau, and is an award winning cut rose variety for both her beauty and for stability. Ashley’s petals are the perfect hue of true pink, adding that fabulous splash of cheerful color to any flower arrangement!
Ashley blooms open into an extraordinary shape, a flat rosette with outer petals that cover the stem below. Her blooms are grand and lend themselves nicely to being a statement garden rose in a floral design. She offers a lovely true garden rose fragrance.

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Pink Ashley Garden Rose

Additional Info & Flower Care

Note: Ashley is not only beautiful, she also offers a very long vase life of 12 days – quite notable for a garden rose variety! Upon arrival, the blooms will be small, give this rose 3-4 days to come into full bloom and she’ll be worth the wait! Ashley is a wonderful pink rose to design with in flower shops for daily work and as a statement focal flower for wedding celebrations and special events.


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