Caramel Antike

Caramel Antike is captivating with its gorgeous cabbage garden rose shape and muted caramel and cream coloring. Its deep cup-shaped bloom filled with layers of velvety petals has a vintage style that will add a classic look to flower arrangements. The extraordinary beauty of this cabbage rose is reminiscent of old Dutch masters’ floral paintings. Caramel Antike’s old-world style makes it the perfect garden rose for bouquets, centerpieces and floral arrangements.
Caramel Antike is the sister of Romantic Antike garden rose.

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Caramel Antike Point of Cut

Additional Info & Flower Care

Note: Caramel Antike has a vase life of 8-9 days. With the delicate nature of this rose’s petals we suggest it be used for special events and wedding celebrations. Upon arrival let this garden rose rest and rehydrate and it’ll share its beautiful glory by day 3 and ready to shine in floral designs.


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