David Austin Constance

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Constance (Austruss) is the epitome of feminine romance. This rose from the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection has layers of delicate petals which range in hues of cream, and pale pinks to princess pink. Each bloom of Constance can be slightly different in coloring, some will have more pink while other blooms have more white — they all come together perfectly to create a fairytale floral arrangement.

She offers an elegant fruity perfume with hints of apple and pear.

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Additional Info & Flower Care

Note: Constance opens up nicely and is typically ready to design within 24 hours of fully rehydrating. The vase life for Constance is often 5-7 days, making her a wonderful choice for special events and wedding celebrations.



This David Austin Constance Wedding Rose is a wonderfully pretty pink garden rose, perfect to incorporate in a lovely garden inspired floral design. The exquisite shape of the Constance bloom lends itself beautifully to bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces.

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