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Sorbet Trend

The Sorbet Trend offers sweet colors and geometric accents that are polished and refined. The combination of pastels and warm bright colors create a young and fresh style. This flower trend is perfect for many types of weddings and events that want to display a modern charm with a lively elegance. Subtle warm colors ranging from buttercup hues to pink lavender make this the perfect summer trend.

Sorbet Colors Sorbet Flowers

The Free Spirit garden rose encompasses the unique and awe-inspiring colors and qualities of the Sorbet style in one beautiful bloom. With vibrant shades of orange and peach that fade into pink swirls, this garden rose is truly unique. Its large ruffled blooms with distinct color patterns make it ideal for vase arrangements.


Clear glass vases are ideal for these arrangements because of their ability to display the soft colors and accompanying bright colorful accents. Starting with a foundation of soft-colored flowers will enhance the beauty and color of your accent pieces. Looking for a stunning display? Pair the deep blue sapphire colors of the delphinium with the vibrant pink of the Miranda. Set the glass vases on top of a denim or white linen to bring even more attention to this beautiful display. Rich denims and light linens are ideal for showcasing the beautiful contrasts found in the Sorbet Trend. The blue of the denim will compliment the vibrant yellows of the Cymbidium.

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Geometric patterns stand out in this trend and are highlighted in the large rosette bloom of the Beatrice garden rose and in the beautifully oversized spherical blooms of the Ashley garden rose. The Calla Lily and tulip also offer unique petal patterns that fit into the geometric patterns of the Sorbet Trend. Combine the intriguing absinthe green of the Chrysanthemum with the versatile Mariatheresia garden rose to create a magnificent centerpiece that will surely dazzle the most discernable of clients.


The Sorbet Trend is a fun, vibrant and simple flower trend that is perfect for summer weddings and events. This versatile trend can be used in formal or informal settings. With its bright colors and various elements that range from ceramics to natural woods, this is one trend that is equally suitable for elegant and casual affairs.